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Executive EQ Seminar

Psychologists aren’t exactly sure how to define intelligence.  Even after a century of debate about what it is, and how to measure it, we still have a wide range of theories and ways to test this elusive human quality. More importantly, psychologists still don’t have solid evidence to show that intelligence matters in improving the quality of our day-to-day lives.  Forrest Gump perhaps provides the best fictional example, at least, of someone whose test scores placed him well below average in intelligence, but whose enjoyment of life- and success- were unquestionably high.

Understand and express your own emotions. People with this ability know how they’re feeling before other people do.

emotional intelligence seminar
  1. 1. I have a good sense of why I have certain feelings most of the time.
  2. 2. I have good understanding of my own emotions
  3. 3. I really understand what I feel.
  4. 4. I always know whether or not I am happy.
  5. Perceive and understand the emotions of others around you. This ability means that you are sensitive to how others are feeling.
  6. 5. I always know my friends’ emotions from their behavior.
  7. 6. I am a good observer of others’ emotions.
  8. 7. I am sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others.
  9. 8. I have good understanding of the emotions of people around me.
  10. Regulate your own emotion. Regulating your emotions means that you are able to keep them under control, especially when you’re feeling distressed.
  11. 9. I always set goals for myself and then try my best to achieve them.
  12. 10. I always tell myself I am a competent person.
  13. 11. I am a self-motivated person.
  14. 12. I would always encourage myself to try my best.
  15. Use emotion to maximize performance. Directing your emotions toward constructive activities allows you to use them to use them to optimal advantage.
  16. 13. I am able to control my temper and handle difficulties rationally.
  17. 14. I am quite capable of controlling my own emotions.
  18. 15. I can always calm down quickly when I am very angry.
  19. 16. I have good control of my own emotions.

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