NEW LEADER | Executive Transition Coaching

Taking on a significant new role or increase in role scope is one of the most difficult challenges an executive can face, with a dauntingly high failure rate. Transition Coaching is designed to support those taking on a new leadership role / new team, moving from leading a team to leading a division or function, or otherwise taking on a significant increase in leadership responsibilities.

For optimum impact on ramp-up and leader effectiveness, Transition Coaching is designed to begin at the outset or early in the transition period and typically continues for a 6-month engagement. While the program is customized to the specific needs of the leader, Transition Coaching is typically focused on the following areas:

New Leader Executive Coaching


  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Making the transition from manager to leader
  • Team alignment discovery & integration session(s)
  • Evaluation of prior assessments & new assessments as appropriate
  • Future State success visioning, identification of potential obstacles & solutions
  • Integration (100 Days) plan development
  • Communications strategy & network-building
  • Initial Integration Plan execution
  • Mid-point effectiveness benchmarking
  • Learning Plan for ongoing development
  • 6-month effectiveness benchmarking

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