Peak performance Coaching

This invaluable professional development approach helps executives grow their “soft skills” in the context of their current positions, which can be even more important for today’s leaders than excellent business acumen.  Executives who combine strong technical skills with a high level of emotionally intelligent leadership are those most capable of building and leading high-performing teams and meeting the ever-increasing demands of a complex business environment.

To allow sufficient time for building skills learned through coaching in various business situations, Peak Performance coaching generally requires an 8-12-month engagement. Peak Performance coaching is based on client need and typically includes the following areas of focus:  

Peak Performance Executive Coaching


  • Building Emotional Intelligence—self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal skills, decision-making & stress-management.
  • Typically includes an Emotional Intelligence 360 assessment
  • Enhancing executive presence & communication skills
  • Developing trusted relationships within teams, with key partners, & stakeholders
  • Building effective leadership styles & situational leadership skills
  • Identifying / addressing behaviors or gaps that may be hindering success or advancement

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